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How To Tell If You’ve Found The Right Carpet Service

Have you found the right carpet service? With all the available options, it can be hard to tell. Thankfully, there are a few traits that set the best carpet services apart from the mediocre ones. How do you tell if you’ve found one of the best? Look for the traits that we’ve listed below. Certification […]

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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Carpet Dyeing

Has your carpet lost its vibrant color? A floor is normally the first thing a person notices when they first walk into a room. Your carpet may be in excellent shape, but the color doesn’t match anything in your home anymore. That’s when carpet dyeing becomes an option. You may have heard the term “carpet […]

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Area Rug Cleaning Tips: What You Need To Know

An area rug can add a beautiful touch to your home. It can also attract a lot of dirt over the years. Regular foot traffic will dull your rug, and the occasional stain will draw attention to itself. If you have children, pets, or both, then you know how tough it is to keep your […]

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Top 4 Benefits of Tile and Grout Cleaning

From floors to backsplashes, tile fills your home. These durable and versatile materials can take on a lot of dirt and grime. They serve your home well, but over time, they can lose their luster. That’s where Carpet Savers comes in. We offer a superb cleaning service that will have your tiles and grout looking […]

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Do You Need Carpet Repair or Carpet Replacement?

To keep or not to keep? That is the question! Your carpet is a huge investment, so you want to make sure you assess any damage accordingly. There are many factors that play into replacing or repairing. Follow these most common carpet issues and tips on how you should tackle them. When to Fix Still […]

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