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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Carpet Dyeing

carpet dyeing

Has your carpet lost its vibrant color? A floor is normally the first thing a person notices when they first walk into a room. Your carpet may be in excellent shape, but the color doesn’t match anything in your home anymore. That’s when carpet dyeing becomes an option. You may have heard the term “carpet dye,” but there may be some things that you don’t know about the process. Below, we discuss four things you didn’t know about carpet dyeing.

Why Carpet is Dyed

Carpet dye is used to replace outdated color. Did you know carpets can often last 15-20 years? However, all carpets will develop issues eventually; a few include sunspots, a stubborn stain, or bleach spots. Carpet cleaning can get out most stains, but some larger stains linger. Carpet stains can be an eyesore – but if your carpet is still in great shape, why completely replace it? Most people have their carpet replaced due to other reasons than wear. Replacing carpet can be quite the expense, whereas dyeing your carpet is substantially less.

Carpet Can’t Be Dyed Just Any Color

Carpet dyes are translucent. The original color of your carpet impacts colors you can choose to dye it. The main rule is you can’t dye dark colors lighter. Try to match the original color or dye it a dark color. For instance, red carpet cannot be dyed yellow or green. Upon inspection, a professional can tell you what colors you can dye it.

Some Carpets Can’t Be Dyed

Believe it or not, not all types of carpet fibers can be dyed. Olefin or polyester carpets cannot be dyed. Wool and nylon can be dyed. You can find out if your carpet can be dyed by having an inspection done.

Your Carpet Needs To Be Thoroughly Cleaned First

Before your carpet is dyed, it’s important to have your carpet vacuumed then deep cleaned. Your best option is to hire a professional to help you with this process.

Are You Looking for a Company to Dye Your Carpet?

Are you looking for a company to dye your carpet? Carpet Savers is here to help. We provide wall-to-wall carpet dyeing services. We have been re-dyeing carpets since 1981. We have the experience and an expert team to provide you with excellent results. Contact Carpet Savers today to get started.

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