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Employee Certification & Training

What we don’t do

Many companies have their employees running a crew after a couple days of training, and some after only a few hours of training!   Is it any wonder there are so many complaints about our industry across the nation?  Many companies may have good equipment and good cleaning agents, but there is a very important element missing.

What we do

Experience is the key to a great job.  Our employees go through an apprenticeship that typically takes a minimum of 18 to 24 months.   They will literally work on a couple thousand jobs, supervised and taught by a certified, highly qualified crew leader before they ever run a job in your home.
We make sure our employees are fully competent to provide the highest quality work.  They understand the importance of following the guidelines established by the IICRC and other top certification firms.

Our employees also must pass Back-Round Checks, and Drug Screening Tests.
Nu-Way Systems employees take pride in their work, and are honored to be serving you.   That is why we don’t have the employee turn-over rate that most companies do.

It’s a simple equation

Great Procedures + Great Equipment + Great Products + Great Employees = Delighted Customers

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