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Carpet Dyeing

Has your carpet lost its brightness? Do you miss the way that it looked when you moved in? Over time, carpets can fade and become dull. Many of these carpets are still perfectly usable, but you know that they could look so much better. That’s where we come in! At Nu-Way Systems, we offer wall-to-wall carpet dyeing. Ready for your carpet to look bright and fresh again? We’re here to make it happen

Why Replace When You Can Repair?

Why should you replace a perfectly usable carpet? Our landfills are already full of carpets. They don’t need any more. Don’t let your carpets contribute to the waste. At Nu-Way Systems, we’ve prevented millions of pounds of carpeting from polluting our landfills. Our carpet dyeing process will let you extend your carpet’s life for years to come and help keep our planet clean.

Benefits of Carpet Dyeing

Aside from preventing waste, what are the other benefits of carpet dyeing? First, carpet dyeing restores vibrancy to your carpet. Carpets can fade so gradually that you don’t even realize how bad the problem has gotten. Once you see your colors pop again, you’ll realize the difference that carpet dyeing can make.

Second, carpet dyeing saves you money. Compared to carpet replacement, carpet dyeing is the most cost-effective option. It lets you make the most of your investment, and it prevents you from having to make an expensive purchase.

Our Dyes Are Different

When it comes to carpet dyeing, you want only the best and safest dyes. Thankfully, the Nu-Way Systems team only uses the best. Our dyes are clean, safe, and will not harm children or pets. They’re also odorless. Nobody wants that thick chemical smell inside their house. Don’t worry. Our carpet dyes won’t leave any smells behind once they dry.

Nu-Way Systems dyes are just as permanent as your original carpet color so that you can enjoy the brightness for a long time. Since our dyes dry within a matter of hours, you can start enjoying that brightness right away.

Finally, our dyes are impossible to detect. Once we’re finished, your carpets will look just like they arrived from the factory that way. Nobody will know that your carpets have been dyed.

Why Choose Us

Why choose Nu-Way Systems for your carpet dyeing needs? Because we’re the best choice in northern Illinois. We’re the top carpet experts, and we have the reviews to prove it.

The Carpet Experts

There are lots of carpet cleaners in northern Illinois, but there aren’t many true carpet experts. At Nu-Way Systems, we’re more than just carpet cleaners. We’re the experts in all things carpet. We know all about different carpet textures, fibers, care practices, and more. When you choose a carpet dyeing service, you’ll want a team that can treat your carpet well. Nu-Way Systems is just that team.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Next, we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. You’re our client, which means that your satisfaction means more to us than anything else. We promise that you’ll be happy with our work or we’ll fix the mistake right away. Let us know if you’re ever unhappy with any part of our process.

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Faded Carpet Before Dye

Faded Carpet After Dye

Faded Carpet Before Dye

Faded Carpet After Dye

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