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Pet Odor Removal

We all love our pets, but nobody loves the stains and odors that they leave behind. You may have tried everything to get rid of those odors. The truth is that ordinary cleaners won’t always get the job done. Sometimes, you need the best team in the business to make your house as clean and as fresh as it can be. That’s why Nu-Way Systems is here. We remove pet odors so that you and your pets can enjoy cleanliness and safety.

The Dangers of Pet Odors

Pet odors aren’t just unpleasant. They’re also dangerous. Your pet’s urine and feces are full of bacteria that can harm humans. The bacteria that your pet leaves in your carpet doesn’t just go away. As a matter of fact, unless you put a stop to it, it multiplies. If you have small children or sick family members, it’s even more important to have those substances removed. When you call Nu-Way Systems to get rid of pet odor, you’re avoiding illness

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Our Process

How do we get rid of pet odor? Well, we have a multi-step process that finds and removes odor quickly.

First, we go straight to the source. We use high-powered detection lamps to find where the pet odors are coming from. We’re very thorough with this process. We don’t stop until we find every last spot.

After that, we assess the situation. Once we know the extent of the damage, we can talk about solving it and whether it’s possible to remove all of the odor. Most of the time, the answer is yes.

Clean, Disinfect, Treat
Finally, we clean, disinfect, and treat the affected areas. From the largest areas to the smallest ones, we do everything we can to remove the bacteria. If necessary, we’ll remove and replace the carpet pad beneath these spots. Our cleaning agents are environmentally friendly and safe for use around kids and pets.

We’re Not like Other Companies

Other companies just don’t work the way we do. Nu-Way Systems stands out because we work with honesty, integrity, and effectiveness.

How do other companies handle pet odor? Most don’t use our multi-step process, that’s for sure. Instead, many companies will just clean the entire carpet. They won’t look for the specific contaminated spots, and they won’t use pet-specific cleaners and technology. Instead, they’ll just clean the entire carpet as they normally would. Does that get rid of the pet odor? Sure, for a little while. The heavy chemical cleaner smell will cover it up. Soon enough, though, that smell fades, and the pet odors come back.

Why do most companies do that? Because most companies don’t have access to the right cleaners and technology. Only certified companies have access to these things. Many company owners hope that their masking technique will cover up their lack of technology.

At Nu-Way Systems, we don’t mask pet odors. First, we’re upfront and honest about whether a spot can truly be removed. Second, we attack those spots specifically and get right to the source of the odor. As a certified firm, we have everything that you need to make your house clean and safe.

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