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About Us

The Nu-Way Systems team began in 1981 when we noticed a huge need for full-service carpet restoration. Sure, there were cleaning companies, but what about carpet repair? What about carpet dyeing, spot removal, and pet odor removal? At Nu-Way Systems, we fill that need all over northern Illinois. When you need help with your carpets, tile, mattress, and beyond, only one cleaning and restoration company will provide the best.

Our Mission

At Nu-Way Systems, our mission is to do our best for our clients. We use the following goals to make sure that we live up to that mission.

This system lets you keep the same high carpet appearance level year-round for about the same cost at one-time, per-year cleaning. Notice the graph? The red dotted line indicates a favorable appearance level that is maintained over time.

Provide the Best Service

We aim to provide the best service every single time. Whether you need carpet cleaning, carpet dyeing, or one of our other services, we put our heart and soul into the job. We don’t cut corners like some other companies do. Instead, we use detailed processes to get the job done right.

Provide the Best-Trained Crew

Our crew members are highly trained and highly experienced. How do we know? Because we don’t farm out our work to contractors. We hire employees with plenty of experience, excellent track records, and enthusiasm for the job. Our crew members show up on time and provide the work that your home or office deserves.

Use the Best Technology

At Nu-Way Systems, we always stay on top of the latest tools and technology. Every industry evolves, and that includes the cleaning and restoration industry. We keep up with all the latest tech in the industry to make sure that we’re using the best options.

Use the Best Products

The Nu-Way Systems team only uses the best products for cleaning and restoration. Our products are safe, environmentally friendly, and hypoallergenic. We would never bring toxic chemicals into your home or office.

Proudly Serving Northern Illinois

At Nu-Way Systems, we’re proud to serve the northern Illinois community. Our service area extends from Chicago to Rockford. We love this community, and we’re happy to be a part of it. We live here, work here, and raise our families here. That’s why we want to treat it well. We consider it our privilege to serve this area, and we plan to do so long into the future.

Our Guarantee

A lot of companies mention a satisfaction guarantee. At Nu-Way Systems, we take it a step further.

Satisfied? What About Delighted?

We guarantee that you won’t pay one cent until you are 100% delighted. Not just satisfied – but amazed with your service. At Nu-Way Systems, we always go above and beyond expectations. We promise prompt and courteous service, complete attention to detail, and honest evaluations.

Our Clients Matter

At the end of the day, our clients matter to us. If you’re our client, we want to give you the best service because that’s exactly what you deserve. Never settle for a service that does anything less. Let Nu-Way Systems handle your cleaning and restoration needs.

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