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Your Health and Your Wallet


Why Having Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned Properly is SO Very Important to Your Health – And Your Wallet:

EPA studies confirm that carpet is the largest air-filter in your home (capturing hundreds of times more than your furnace filter ever could). One of the many benefits of carpet is that it traps contaminates within its fibers and prevents them from becoming air-borne when you walk through your home. Therefore, the quality of the air you breathe in your home is directly related to the cleanliness of your carpet. According to studies, after about a year, your Carpet Filter is full — even if your carpet doesn’t “look” dirty. The only cleaning method recommended for homes by the carpet manufacturers and the EPA, (that will effectively clean your Carpet Filter) involves a “steam-extraction” cleaning method.

Many companies use a form of “steam extraction” as their cleaning method. So, what’s different about Nu-Way Systems Carpet Dyeing & Cleaning? Well, much like your laundry washing machine, there is a separate wash and rinse cycle. Makes sense doesn’t it? Imagine if you skipped the rinse, or if the rinse water had soap in it – well, then it’s really not a rinse at all is it? Unfortunately, most carpet cleaners are actually rinsing your carpet with the cleaning agent. It should be no shock that many homeowners across the nation, complain that after their carpet has been cleaned it feels stiff or waxy, it re-soils very quickly, and spots return that appeared to have cleaned out. This all too common cleaning method actually attracts soils like a magnet, causing your carpet to re-soil quickly and wear out prematurely — costing you your hard earned money.

Nu-Way Systems Carpet Dyeing & Cleaning keeps these critical steps separate. Our rinse really is a rinse. We customize our cleaning process to your needs, and to the specific needs of your carpet make, fiber style, and the types of soiling that is present. Your carpet will stay cleaner longer and last longer (saving you money)! Plus, you’ll literally breathe easier knowing it was done right.

Sure, it takes a lot more training and research to stay up on the advancements and changes being made in our industry. Our clients think its worth. So do we.

If Quality is Important to You — Give Us a Try.

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