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Upholstery Cleaning

Could your upholstery use a little extra care? With help from Nu-Way Systems, your upholstery can get all the care that it deserves. If you haven’t had your upholstery cleaned in a while, now is the time to do it! When you keep your chairs and couches clean, they can last for a long time. Don’t get rid of your furniture before you’ve gotten the most use out of it. Call Nu-Way Systems to keep your furniture clean, bright, and usable for years to come.

Why You Need Upholstery Cleaning

Everyday dirt and grime get into your upholstery’s fabric. Over time, that dirt and grime can make your upholstery unhealthy. Who wants to sit on a pile of dirt and germs? With Nu-Way Systems, you won’t have to.

Stain Removal

Sometimes, ordinary stain removers just don’t get the job done. All hope is not lost, though. Often, Nu-Way Systems’ thorough cleaning service can remove the stains that ordinary cleaners just can’t. Are you dealing with stubborn stains? Find out if Nu-Way Systems can get rid of them for you.

Allergies and Asthma

Need allergy and asthma relief? Nu-Way Systems can help. Allergens and irritants get into your house as people come and go. They stick to clothing, float in on the air, and come in on peoples’ shoes. If you have allergens on your clothing and then sit on your couch, guess where those allergens end up. They don’t leave right away, either. They stick to the couch for a long time. With Nu-Way Systems, you can get rid of the irritants that have settled into your upholstery. Let Nu-Way Systems help you breathe easier.

Get a Deep Clean

Vacuuming and surface cleaning are fine for maintenance, but every so often, your upholstery needs a deep clean. Dirt and germs go far beyond the surface. Thankfully, so do our cleaning methods.

Why Choose Us

Why choose Nu-Way Systems for your upholstery cleaning needs? Because we’re the best that northern Illinois has to offer. When you need upholstery cleaning in northern Illinois, there simply is no better choice than Nu-Way Systems.

Upholstery Experts

We’re the experts on all things carpet and upholstery. Never settle for a service that doesn’t know everything about these fabrics. At Nu-Way Systems, we know all about the fabrics, treatment plans, stain types, and other things we need to know to make sure that you get the best service. When it comes to your home or property, why should you settle for anything less?

Satisfaction Guarantee

At Nu-Way Systems, we have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We want you to be happy with our work on every level. If you’re ever less than thrilled with our work, please let us know right away. We’ll fix the problem as soon as possible. At Nu-Way Systems, our clients matter to us more than anything else.




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