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Common Misconceptions Surrounding Carpet Cleaning

Misconception #1:

All carpet cleaning companies are about the same.

Unfortunately, the carpet cleaning business is like many service businesses in that it abounds with quick- buck artists and with the uninformed, who believe carpet cleaning is nothing more than spraying down some soap and vacuuming it back up with any old piece of equipment. On the other hand, quality carpet cleaning companies invest heavily in learning the science of carpet cleaning and teaching their technicians.

Quality companies own professional equipment and use the safest and most effective cleaning solutions to clean your carpets. True professionals take the time to diagnose your carpet problems and then make recommendations to return your carpet to like-new condition.

Misconception #2:

Price should be the determining factor in hiring a carpet cleaner.

We have all seen the ads—$9.95 per room for carpet cleaning, or clean your entire house for only $49.95.

Common sense tells us no reputable firm can afford to hire and train technicians, buy and maintain equipment and service vehicles, pay all the other overhead that a small business has, and still generate a profit by sending a well equipped and trained crew to your home all for only $9.95. Are there hidden catches in these types of ads? —you bet there are! They’re called “Bait and Switch” and hidden fees. If you elect to hire someone making an offer that sounds too good to be true, then be prepared for the real sales pitch to start when they enter your home.

Expect to Get What You Pay For

If your goal is to get your carpeting deep cleaned removing all the contaminants we discussed earlier, and then expect to pay a price on par with what other professional service people charge. You wouldn’t take your car to a shade-tree mechanic for a $9.95 tune-up, or trust in a technician’s expertise to clean your furnace or repair your appliances if they charged so little.

Your suspicion of the quality of their work would prevent you from doing business with these low-price operators. Hiring a carpet cleaner is no different—expect to get what you pay for. Hire a carpet cleaner based on their experience, their willingness to answer your questions, their testimonials and references, a firm written price quote, and their guarantee.

Misconception #3:

Since all carpets are pretty much the same and my cleaning requirements are similar to everyone else’s, I can hire a cleaner over the phone by simply shopping the yellow page listings.

First of all please understand that everyone’s carpet cleaning needs are not the same. The procedure required to deep clean your particular carpet and return it to like-new condition depends on many factors—most of which cannot be determined over the phone.

Fiber composition, age, wear, types of stains, repair requirements, prior cleaning methods used, pets or smokers in the home, and most importantly—your expectations—are all factors that must be considered by the professional cleaner. Only then can the correct cleaning procedures be determined and explained, and can you be given an accurate price quote.

A cleaner’s willingness to inspect your carpet prior to giving you a bid is the sign of a real pro. Don’t except per room or per square-foot bids over the phone, it’s a sure prescription for a disappointing job.

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