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Nu-Way Systems has the answer to every carpet problem you encounter.

Filthy, dirty, oily carpets are no match for our 7-step Clean-for-Health restoration cleaning process. Carpets look like new after they are cleaned by Nu-Way Systems. Since 1981, we’ve been perfecting our restoration process to rejuvenate carpet and upholstery. You’ll be amazed at what can be accomplished.

And as for permanent stains—they don’t exist when you call Nu-Way. We have a box full of tricks for fixing even tough stains like Kool Aid and wine.

And if a stain won’t come out, we can make it disappear by re-applying carpet dye or performing expert carpet repairs. The stain will vanish before your very eyes. That’s right! We specialize in fixing bleach stains, holes, tears, ripples, runs in berber carpet, and sun faded carpet too! If there is a way to fix it, Nu-Way Systems can do it.

Nu-Way also works wonders on carpets with pet odors. Our technicians will neutralize and remove odor-causing bacteria from carpet, pad and flooring. The carpet will be fresh, clean and safe for your tenant, new home owner, or for your showings.

And for allergy sufferers, Nu-Way Systems removes mold and mildew along with other allergy aggravators like the nasty dust mite and pet dander.

With Nu-Way Systems Carpet Dyeing & Cleaning you can rest assured bad carpet will never stand in the way of you listing, renting, or selling a home again. When you refer Nu-Way Systems you put the expertise of a company that has served Northern Illinois since 1981 to work for you and your clients.

It’s a Win-Win!

Real Estate professionals are also in a unique position to benefit tremendously from our Referral Reward Program.

Many of our real estate professional clients have enjoyed huge discounts on our services in their own homes, by simply suggesting Nu-Way Systems to their customers.

Your clients love saving money – while having their carpet restored to like-new condition. You love saving on the same high quality Eco-Friendly Service you desire in your home. Just make sure your client mentions your name, and the savings for you and your client begin! (Please make sure we have your address and email so we can send you your rewards.)

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Plus, selling or renting the home will be much easier for you now that the carpet enhances the indoor look and health of the home. Just image never having to worry about the embarrassment of showing or renting a home with carpet that’s an eye sore!

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The truth is, we grow our business by helping business people like you, grow theirs. We’d love to partner with you. Contact us today to learn more.

“Because Quality Saves Money”

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