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Carpet Protector Treatment

Q. What is a carpet protector?

A. Carpet protector is applied to carpet fibers to give them added protection from stains and soils. The science of modern carpet protectors is that they reduce the surface energy of the carpet fiber and act like non-stick coatings on a cooking utensil. Soil, oil, and water all slip off the fiber. Many carpets are pretreated with protector at the mill, and may also be treated with a dye-blocker to further enhance the carpet’s stain resistance.

Q. Why should carpets be treated with a carpet protector?

A. We’ve all seen the commercials showing how stain protection can help prevent a disaster when food and beverages are spilled on carpeting. This same protection helps to minimize oily and dry based soils from adhering to the carpet fiber. Carpets treated with protector are not only more stain resistant, they are easier to clean, and look cleaner longer, and actually last longer. Carpet protector will save you your hard earned dollars and have a positive impact on the environment as less carpet ends up in landfills annually.


Q. Will carpet protector help keep carpeting looking new?

A. Yes! If you were to view a new carpet fiber under a microscope you would see what appears to look like a highly polished, hollow glass tube. This tube reflects light back to our eyes. It is this reflected light that gives the carpet its color and luster. Unfortunately, over time, the tube can become scratched. Once scratched, the fiber will no longer reflect light properly.

This is the reason why carpeting in entryways, hallways, and traffic lanes looks dirty and trampled, even after it has been thoroughly cleaned. Similar to the protection provided by a coat of wax on your car’s finish, carpet protector shields the carpet fiber from scratches caused by dirt and grit. Carpet protector helps keep your carpeting looking great for years to come.


Q. When should carpet protector be applied? What if my carpet came with a protectant treatment?

A. Carpet protector is not permanent, even when applied at the mill. Protector will wear off the carpet fibers, and may clean off (especially if it is not cleaned properly). Carpet Protector is actually designed to wear off, so your carpet won’t wear off!

An initial treatment of carpet protector should be applied after a thorough professional cleaning. Most manufacturers suggest that protector be reapplied yearly after cleaning, to replace what has worn off – and perhaps after every cleaning over heavily traffic areas such as entryways and halls. If your carpet is covered by a stain resistant warranty, please refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations for reapplying protector.

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Q. Is it expensive to apply carpet protector?

A. Carpet protector is a real bargain when you consider all of its benefits. Not only does it help protect against stains and soiling, but it can add years of life to your carpets appearance. Application prices vary depending on the type of treatment product used, and the amount of carpet you want treated.

For a quick, no obligation phone quote, please call Nu-Way Systems at (815) 765-0005. We would be delighted to answer all of your carpet maintenance questions, and tell you about fabric protection for your upholstery as well.


Q. What carpet protector products does Nu-Way Systems use?

A. Nu-Way Systems Carpet Dyeing & Cleaning is always testing new products. We currently offer two well known treatments that the research has shown will give you outstanding results: ScotchGard® and Dupont™ Teflon® Advanced Pro. The choice is yours; our technicians can help you decide which is best for you.


Q. I’ve had carpet protector applied before, and it didn’t help me remove a spot from my dog. Why didn’t it work then?

A. What you were likely experiencing wasn’t the lack of performance of the Carpet Protector. It more than likely had to do with the cleaning products used, cleaning techniques employed, and amount of moisture used. It is not uncommon in our experience, when a client has this issue; we are able to easily remove the stain using proper products, equipment, moisture, etc.

This actually demonstrates how effective the Carpet Protector really is. Many times, experience, training, and good equipment are needed to resolve an issue. Feel free to call us if you need help – all our clients have exclusive access to Nu-Way Systems Professional Staff for advice on home remedies.


Q. I had my carpet cleaned and Scotchgarded by another company last year. The carpet started to look very dirty again a month later! Why?

A. Sorry to hear about that. The most common reason for this is: The quality of clean. You see, the effectiveness of a Carpet Protector really is dependent on a properly performed clean. Unfortunately, many professional carpet cleaners are condensing what is meant to be multiple steps, often into one or two steps.

Basically, what they are doing is rinsing your carpet with the soap. Leaving your carpet coated with soap will cause your carpet to rapidly re-soil – guaranteed! That is why it is so important to find a quality company. Nu-Way Systems Carpet Dyeing & Cleaning performs a 7-Step Clean-for-Health Process that is 100% residue free. If you find the right company, you will not experience that issue again.

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