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Jason Franek

Hi there! I’m Jason Franek.

I started working for Nu-Way Systems way back in 1992! I am currently the Senior Quality Assurance Specialist & Supervisor for the company, which involves many responsibilities including overseeing training and certification of all team members.

I was born in Boulder Colorado in 1970. A year later my family moved to the Chicagoland area, and I’ve lived in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago ever since. I especially love the time I spent in Bartlett and Geneva. I am the proud dad of my wonderful daughter, Samantha.

I am a cat lover! I have two of them: a 9 year old male “Bosco”, and a 2 year old female “Jenny”. Bosco is like a ninja acrobat! He will flip through the air and catch anything you throw his way.

I really enjoy the outdoors, so I try to do as much fishing, camping, rafting, motorcycle riding as I can. Being a bit of a perfectionist, building models is something I also enjoy. I recently added a turtle to my aquarium that I saved from getting run over in Del Webb. I named him Ernie.

A favorite saying of mine is “Live, Love, Laugh!” That saying is a common one that many of our clients have displayed in their homes. It’s just good perspective on life.

One of my favorite aspects of this career is often being presented with unique challenges. I take great pride in my ability to fix issues for our clients that other companies couldn’t solve.

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